Mad again thanks to Earthbound Organic baby spinach!

September 9, 2007

I started a vegetable garden this summer in an attempt to grow most of our food organically. It has been an exciting journey and at some point I will write about my successes and frustrations. I spent a good part of the morning today pulling out what was left of my zuccini, beans, and the skeletal remains of my bug eaten collards. I didn’t feel too bad about the collards. I’m a northern girl whose been living in the south for the past 20 years and I’ve never eaten a collard. But they are green and supposedly grow well here so I thought I’d give them a try. Maybe next year. For now I’ve decided to give that space over to the sweet potatoes which are growing like crazy!

Even though it’s still hot here, fall is definitely in the air. I have a great recipe from my friend Martha for Minnesota Apple Salad and it seemed like the perfect transitional (Summer to Fall) salad to make for dinner. I had gone to the market yesterday for the ingredients and even bought a bag of spinach. Ever since the big spinach scare I’ve grown my own and have managed to get by with purchasing spinach only once (a bunch, not bagged). There was no fresh spinach and my salad calls for it so I picked up a bag of Earthbound Organic baby spinach. It says prewashed but I always wash everything. So I took out a big bowl, dumped the spinach in and filled it with water to soak for a few minutes. Smooth little leaves popped up to the top. They didn’t look like spinach leaves and got my attention. I started looking through the spinach in the bowl and found bigger smooth leaves in with the spinach.They looked like leaves from a jade plant, smooth and kind of rubbery but not quite as thick. There were a lot of them! I called my “I’ll eat anything” husband in to take a look and he said, “throw it out.” What? He never says that!

I checked the bag and there was a number to call for customer service. I called and they were out of the office until Monday so I left a message. In the meantime I’m mad, first of all for letting my guard down and buying bagged spinach (it said “organic” and it got me), secondly because there are probably alot of people who will buy the same bagged spinach and actually eat it (yuk!), and thirdly because now my salad isn’t the salad it’s supposed to be. But most of all, here I go again, not being able to trust or believe in the food system. I work hard at trying to balance not not being totally paranoid on one hand and trying to be a healthy, conscience consumer on the other. There’s something very wrong when you can’t trust spinach. There’s something even more wrong when months after a major recall there are still strange things going on. I’ll let you know what they tell me if they call back on Monday. In the meantime, check your spinach!


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