Harvest for Hope

September 10, 2007

“We live in troubling times. The giant corporations control much of the world’s food, as well as the patents on our seeds. Billions of farm animals live in conditions of utmost deprivation and misery. Humans and animals are increasingly becoming poisoned from the chemicals that have been lavishly sprinkled over fields, crops, and food produce and that have contaminated the earth’s water, soil and air. Disease-causing bacteria are building up resistance to the antibiotics that are routinely administered to livestock in factory farms. Genetically modified organisms, GMO’s have escaped into the environment and who knows what that will mean? Billions of tons of fossil fuel are used to transport our food from one end of the planet to the other – and often back again – contributing to the changes in global climate. And the soil of our planet is being not only poisoned but swept away by the wind from areas cleared for agriculture. Monoculture crops subsidized by governments provide fuel for the manufacture of hamburgers and T-bone steaks. Thousands of children die of obesity and its attendant ills in the West, while millions more die of starvation in the developing world. Family farms are going out of business and asphalt and concrete is spreading over more and more arable land. Water is becoming terrifyingly scarce as well as polluted.” Page 278-279
Harvest for Hope, by Jane Goodall, 2006. One of the best books ever!


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