Factory farm map

September 13, 2007

Interactive web tool shows U.S. factory farms by state and by county.

Food and Water Watch, an environmental nonprofit group focused on empowering the public to challenge policies that degrade natural resources, provides an interactive map of the United States showing the location of factory farms.

The tool, called “Factory Farm Pollution in the United States,” allows users to zero in on factory farms at the state and county level to find the number of sites and animals, and organizes the data by type of animal, including dairy, beef cattle, hogs, broilers and layers.

The user can also find the states and counties with the highest numbers of livestock populations. The “methodology” tab explains that the chart is populated with data from USDA 2002 agricultural census data, interpreted by Food and Water staffers to locate farms that constitute Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) under the definition of the Environmental Protection Agency.



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