Chew on this: The big business of beef

November 14, 2007

*The average average American consumes 69 pounds of beef annually.
*Total U.S. beef consumption in 2006: 28.0 billion pounds
*Retail equivalent value of U.S. beef industry in 2006: $71 billion
*U.S. beef exports in 2006: 1,153 million pounds, $1.63 billion
*Value of U.S. cattle and calf production in 2006: $35.7 billion
*US Cattle Inventory January 1, 2007 – 97.0 million head

And what did it take to put all that beef on all those people’s tables….

U.S. commercial slaughter in 2006: 33.698 million head (27 million steers and heifers and 5.43 million cull beef and dairy cows).

That’s why we have factory farming (demand).
That’s why our rivers and streams are polluted (lots of cow poop).
That’s why Monsanto and others are so successful promoting GM crops (lots of cows eat lots of feed).

Beef is BIG business.
That’s why the USDA says it’s OK to sell meat with E.Coli.

Watch the movie “Fast Food Nation.”



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