Nordic region saying ‘No’ to GMO?

February 2, 2008

“The Nordic Region should be declared free of genetically modified organisms and the Nordic countries should join other European states like Austria, Greece and Poland, which have already declared themselves GMO-free zones,” according to a proposal by the Lef-Socialist Green Group (VSG) on the Nordic Council.

The growing number GMO-free zones is due to widespread scepticism about the health aspects of genetically modified food products, according to the Group.

“Research suggests that the use of genetically modified products has a negative impact on health,” the VSG notes.

It is important to maintain biological diversity. The alternative, according to the group, is to have only a few genetically modified species and for multinational companies to enjoy a monopoly of them.

The VSG is calling on the Nordic governments to work towards a GMO-free region.

“It would provide a boost to sustainable development and underpin the positive environmental and health image the Nordic Region aims to project,” the Group says.

Nordic MPs have long been interested in the question of genetically modified organisms. The Centre Group on the Nordic Council previously proposed stricter labelling of genetically modified products, for example.


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