Speaking of weird and wonderful…Wildman sends out SOS

February 9, 2008

An Artist’s Statement (Fruit Sticker Artist that is)

Mom & Pop Culture

by Barry “Wildman” Snyder
Almost World Renowned Food Sticker Mosaic Artist

S.O.S. Foundation (Save Our Stickers)

I ask you to pause for a moment, and think about the humble food sticker. Performing his (or her) appointed duty without complaint. Without these noble stickers our food distribution system would utterly collapse! Modern Society would simply starve to death!

And yet, once they arrive at their new home, reveling in the successful completion of their noble mission, these stickers are callously cast away, fated to some foul-smelling landfill! Is this fair? Is this right? NO! I say they deserve better. Now there is hope!

S.O.S. the Save Our Stickers Foundation provides a new home and a meaningful purpose to these unassuming stalwarts of our supermarket lifestyles. Won’t you please help? If you could find the compassion in your heart to simply peel these valiant warriors off the skins of your preferred produce and then place them, sticky side down, on a piece of notepaper (paper, not plastic) they can live as artwork, (united with thousands of fellow food stickers as part of a symbiotic visual presentation), bringing joy to young and old alike.

Please send your stickers to:
Barry “Wildman” Snyder
POB 301
Erie, CO 80516

With you there is hope!




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