Brilliant recycling idea: crushed glass mulch into good wine

May 25, 2008

Two years into a four-year trial, about 35 tonnes of crushed glass has been laid at the base of pinot noir grape vines at Sandihurst winery in West Melton, New Zealand.

It all started with the idea that the sun reflecting off the glass mulch would produce better tasting grapes and better yields, so a pilot project was created to prove it.

Sandihurst director Hennie Bosman said he was ecstatic at the results because there was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the wine made from the trial batch.

“For me, it’s all in the tongue tip and the nose and there was a difference.”

Sift chief executive Linda Norris said nearly 14,000 tonnes of waste glass was produced in their area each year and most of that was sent to Auckland, China and India. However, it was becoming increasingly costly and uneconomic to send the glass out of the city and Sift wanted to find ways it could be used locally.

We hope the crushed glass will be commercialised for use in other vineyards, Ms Norris said. 

One Response to “Brilliant recycling idea: crushed glass mulch into good wine”

  1. L. Avery Says:

    How often do you spread crushed glass in the rows?
    Does it just incorporate into the soil? If so, what are the results of this mixture going into the soil, or laying on top? I understand the reflecting part, but am curious about the long term effect of glass being incorporated into, for instance, our sandy soil. I am assuming that the grapes do not obtain any nutrition from the glass and it is replacing or covering the dirt. thanks, Lisa Avery

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