Give us this day our daily bread: Pope urges Catholics to help in world food crisis:

May 26, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday said Christians must help to ease the global food crisis which has seen soaring prices increase hunger in many poor countries.

“Those who nourish themselves with the bread of Christ cannot remain indifferent in the face of those who, even in our days, lack daily bread,” the pontiff said. Catholics believe that they receive the body and blood of Christ when taking the Eucharist bread and wine.

“So many parents can barely procure (bread) for themselves and their children,” the pope told pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter’s Square. “It’s an ever graver problem that the international community is struggling to resolve.”

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome is hosting in June a three-day, international summit on the food crisis, which has triggered riots and other protests in some poor nations.

Benedict said the Catholic Church, which operates charities worldwide, was committed to initiatives aimed at ensuring that no one lacks life’s necessities.


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