McDonald’s restaurants in Canada remove all tomatoes from menu

June 8, 2008

The US salmonella outbreak has prompted McDonald’s restaurants across Canada to stop serving tomatoes temporarily. A notice posted at McDonald’s in Dartmouth and other parts of Nova Scotia on Saturday told customers that tomatoes are no longer on the menu for the time being but gave no reason.

A spokesman for McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada was not available Saturday, but the restaurant chain issued a statement saying it has temporarily removed tomatoes as a precautionary measure due to the situation in the U.S.

“McDonald’s Canada’s food safety and quality control standards are among the highest in the industry,” Louis Payette, national media relations manager for McDonald’s Canada, wrote in a statement. “McDonald’s has not experienced any related issues to date. The safety and well-being of our customers is a top priority.”

The chain apologized for the inconvenience but said food safety and quality at McDonald’s will not be compromised.

“Like all food businesses, we are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to look to the appropriate government regulatory bodies to provide further guidance as more is known,” the statement said.


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