Ladybugs: Natural aphid control

August 3, 2008

Ancient peoples believed that ladybugs (also known as ladybird beetles) were signs of good fortune and good harvest. Not just cute and colorful, ladybugs are important allies in the organic farmer’s battle against crop-destroying pests. Did you know that just one adult ladybug can eat as many as 5,000 aphids in her lifetime?

One Response to “Ladybugs: Natural aphid control”

  1. John Pavon Says:

    Great Article, I have done alot of reseach on Convergent lady beetle
    Scientific name: Hippodamia convergens

    Click on image to enlarge Phylum: Arthropoda
    Class: Insecta
    Order: Coleoptera
    Family: Coccinellidae
    Common prey: Predaceous on aphids and occasionally other soft-bodied homopterans. Used for aphid control in roses. Can be important in every crop with aphid pests.
    Commercially available: Yes
    A proven new system for Organic Farming using Nesting Boxes to house the Lady-bugs- See for more information.

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