August 12, 2008

There’s a new way to decipher the complex list of additives and ingredients found on every food label in the grocery store. is the first and only informational website that allows consumers to go beyond the fancy package, and actually understand what’s really inside. With a growing database of over 25,000 brand-name products, allows users to compare their favorite foods by providing information and determinations about the additives, ingredients, and nutritional facts contained in each product.

On the site, ingredients are linked to the proprietary ingredient glossary, which is uniquely color-coded for easy understanding. The ingredient glossary was created using information supplied by many reputable sources, including: The National Institutes of Health, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Food & Drug Administration, and Foods Standards Agency UK, among many others. Products that contain no “cautionary” ingredients (as defined by the glossary) are awarded the LABELWATCH Smart Ingredients Seal, a distinguished seal of product excellence.

When company founder Diane Manning was asked why she started LABELWATCH, she replied, “For years I suffered with a chronic condition known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Doctors and medications failed, but eliminating a few foods and additives from my diet completely solved the problem. As a result I became an avid reader of packaged food labels. This was time-consuming, confusing and often misleading. I looked for an easier solution, but none existed. That’s when the idea for LABELWATCH was conceived.” is free for everyone to use, and by simply registering on the site, users can also create customized shopping lists made up of the best brand-name products for themselves, and their families. The site also contains a Smart Shopping section that offers information about reading labels and food shopping, an in-depth database of Smart Recipe cards and videos, and information about Smart Living as it applies to dieting, beauty, fitness, and natural health.

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