Nationwide recall of Blue Cat flavor drink because of melamine

October 3, 2008










Tristar Food, Jersey City, NJ is initiating a nationwide recall of all of their 100 ml plastic bottle packages of Blue Cat Flavor Drink (Lanmao) because it may be contaminated with melamine.

Consumers who have the product which is being recalled should stop using it immediately. If consumers have questions about possible health risks, they should contact their doctor.

Product was distributed nationwide in Asian grocery stores.

The product comes in 100 ml plastic bottles package with a BEST BEFORE date. There are four (4) flavors (see below) printed in Chinese. All packaging has a logo of blue cat on the back of the bottle and the word “blue cat” (in Chinese) on the front.

  1. Strawberry, with red strawberry picture on the bottle.
  2. Sweet Orange, with orange picture on the bottle
  3. Pineapple, with green pineapple picture on the bottle
  4. Peach, with pink peach picture on the bottle

No illnesses associated with this product have been reported to date.

The recall was initiated after FDA testing discovered that product was found to contain Melamine.


2 Responses to “Nationwide recall of Blue Cat flavor drink because of melamine”

  1. Dorie Barron Says:

    Why doesn’t ANY announcement, including from the government have a picture of the product? It’s very important when distributing to low literacy populations.

  2. annierichardson Says:

    Thank you Dorie for the great suggestion. I’ve added pictures and will continue to do so when available.

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