Melamine found in Cadbury chocolate, China detains 6 more suspects

October 6, 2008

China pledged to improve food safety after authorities detained six more people in the country’s contaminated milk scandal.

Word of the detentions came a day after health officials in Hong Kong found high levels of melamine, a chemical used to make plastic and fertilizers, in chocolate made in China by British candy maker Cadbury.

In Hong Kong, officials said Sunday they found melamine in samples of two chocolate products made by Cadbury at its Beijing factory. The chocolates are among 11 Chinese-made products already recalled by the company in parts of Asia and the Pacific.

The scandal has sparked global concern about Chinese food imports and recalls in numerous countries of Chinese-made products including milk powder, cookies and candies.

Chinese authorities believe suppliers trying to boost output diluted their milk, then added melamine because its nitrogen content can fool tests measuring protein content.

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