FDA falls short on inspections…again

May 7, 2009

The Food and Drug Administration is failing to meet its goals for auditing food-safety inspections that states do on its behalf.

FDA’s own data show the FDA fell short of its goal in at least 17 of 39 states it paid to do inspections in the 2007-08 contract year. In five states, the FDA did no audits.

State agencies do half the FDA’s food inspections. The FDA aims to audit 7% to help make sure states do good inspections.

Data for the 2006-07 year show its audit goal was unmet in 21 of 37 states. In eight states, no audits were done. In 1998, the FDA did no audits in 21 of 38 states, said the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General in a 2000 report.

The states that weren’t audited in 2007-08 were Maryland, Wyoming, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

No data were available for Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nevada. The year before, no audits occurred in Texas, which has one of the biggest FDA contracts. It should have had 48 audits for 685 inspections, the FDA says.




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