In 1961 Americans consumed 2883 calories per person. By 2000 this had increased to 3817. Combine this with a decrease in physical activity and it’s a no-brainer; in the space of 40 years people got fatter. Not only that – they also got sicker.

What foods made up this 935 calorie increase and what effect might those foods have had on overall health?

Are we eating a lot more animal-based protein? Red meat? Or is it the increase of saturated fats that have made us sicker?


We’ve actually been eating more poultry but less red meat, butter, and eggs. Pork consumption is about the same.

So where did all the extra calories come from? Added sugars, vegetable oils, and cereal grains.

We’ve been told to; eat less eggs, eat more margarine – avoid butter, eat less saturated fat, eat less red meat, eat more grains, use more vegetable oils.

The above statistics would indicate – that to some degree – this advice has been taken to heart.

Strange how more of us are obese than ever before and how diabetes and heart disease rates continue to climb.


Between 2003 and 2007, the FDA’s main food-safety arm lost 20 percent of its science staff and 600 inspectors. The United States gets 15 percent of its food from foreign countries, including 60 percent of its fresh fruits and vegetables and 75 percent of its seafood, but just 1 percent of all imported food is inspected.


You’ve got to love the federal government, especially for their ability to consistently get “the American people” to drink their contaminated cool-aid.
It’s really quite simple. Keep churning out the same old mantras – “we have the safest food in the world,” “we found weapons of mass destruction,” “I did not have sex with that woman,” “Iran and nuclear,” “no illnesses have been reported”- the list goes on, send to major media to regurgitate, get dumbed-down consumers to hear the repeated sound bites, and voila, a false truth is firmly established. highlighted the insanity of this system in action in a piece they published yesterday, Amid Recalls and Illness, the USDA Says Food Safety is in Good Shape (emphasis added):

Despite an overwhelming rash of food recalls and reports of sometimes fatal food borne illnesses such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeriosis, and Botulism this year, the head of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)—Ed Schafer—is saying that food safety in the United States is doing just fine. Meanwhile consumers are hearing about and living with nearly daily reports of federal government announcements about such recalls, some originating from the nations’ largest meat processors and grocery chains. Read the rest of this entry »