bvoMost people have never heard of BVO-brominated vegetable oil-yet it’s highly toxic and found in many products we consume in large quantities. Used as an emulsifier and clouding agent in soft drinks such as Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Powerade, some Gatorade, Pineapple and Orange Fanta, Orange Crush, Sun Drop, Squirt and Fresca, BVO can also be found in some bakery products and brands of pasta.

BVO has been banned in over 100 countries. In the U.S. it’s use is regulated by the FDA to the extent that it is “PERMITTED IN FOOD OR IN CONTACT WITH FOOD ON AN INTERIM BASIS PENDING ADDITIONAL STUDY.” (

Brominated Vegetable Oil, is composed mainly of bromine, a poisonous chemical whose vapors are considered both corrosive and toxic. The chemical bromine is used for a number of products, from light-sensitive photographic printing papers, as an additive for gasoline, to agricultural fumigants.

Consumption of bromine containing products increases bromine content in our system that ultimately competes with iodine and causes iodine deficiency thereby creating a condition called “Brominated Thyroid.” Bromine is a potential carcinogen and causes a number of disorders starting from simple headache, fatigue, weight-gain to cancer, heart and kidney diseases.

The FDA says products that include brominated vegetable oil must declare it in the list of ingredients. Check labels! Cast your vote by not buying products that contain BVO.