Cool idea: Ecoapple

December 21, 2007

Public offices in some Italian regions have chosen to lower paper costs by using a new type of recycled paper, Cartamela, which means “apple paper.” The paper, created by Dr. Albert Volcan, is made from recycled apple peels and industrial apple waste. Volcan, an Italian engineer, studied the possibility of changing the waste produced by the apple and the apple juice industry into a new raw material. In Italy, the organic waste produced by the apple industry is considered as a “special waste” and must be disposed off with expensive processes.

Dr. Volcan conducted extensive research and in 2004 reached a solution called the “Volcan process” which consists of a drying, cooling, and grinding phase. His innovative approach makes it possible to stop the apple fermentation process without any loss in the cellulose and sugar contents, both of which are essential elements in the paper making. Apple waste is transformed into a dry, white flour, having all the features of a raw material for paper production.

Cartamela is owned by Ecoapple Suedtirol Alto Adige s.r.l.


3 Responses to “Cool idea: Ecoapple”

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  2. Tatjana Says:

    Hello, can I take information about Dr. Albert Volcan and about “apple paper”, becaus I write my cours paper.
    Thank you!!I am very,very need this info.

  3. Maria Says:

    Hello, I would also like the information about Dr. Albert Volcan and its “Volcan process” on developing Cartamela.
    Thank you very much!

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